Going to college proves that you are interested in making your life a success. As such, you also need to start thinking about your future right from your sophomore year. You need to have a defined career path you need to follow. Having some goals will be a great incentive to help you plan your study in college accordingly. This article provides you with some career and guidance tips borrowed from renowned career directors.

Career tips

Take advantage of the career center in your school


Career centers are set up with intentions of helping students make informed career choices. Unfortunately, most students finish college without visiting these wonderful facilities. Besides just guiding you on the career path to take based on your interests, you will also be equipped with resources aimed at making you win the heart of your future employers and make you a successful professional. You also get to see a list of current and future job openings.

Talk to your professors

Another resource most students fail to take advantage of when making career choices are the professors. Considering that most professors are actively engaged in the industry, they can offer you excellent career tips. In case they do not have the time to do this, you can get a few contacts from them that could be of help.

Be proactive

Once you get to campus, you should make an effort of getting involved in some of the activities there. Well, you do not have to go to every other event. You can go for the ones you feel interest you. Ideally, the activities you get yourself involved in should lead you or prepare you for the career you intend to pursue.

Look for internships

Most schools offer formal credits for internship programs. Irrespective of whether there are academic credits or not, internships are a good way of preparing yourself for your career path while still in college. It has been observed that students that go for internships make good employees. Internships pay very little or even zero, but the benefits of going for them is timeless.

Have an open mind


Everything changes, and do career paths. When in college, you are advised to have an open mind. Learn everything that comes your way. This is very important especially if you do not know what exactly you intend to do. Most importantly, take advantage of any resource the university provides to you.