Bartending is regarded as one of oldest professions. It is an amazing way to work and earn a living as you through around the country and have fun. It is quite a popular type of employment for backpackers, university students that need to work around the busy schedules and increase the number of persons looking for the bartending career.

tg2wed6hywe7dju28i22However, in this country, it is not a career, which you just walk into a bar or hotel and start working. You are required to undergo intensive training and have a valid Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. It is only after completing an RSA Shepparton course that you can be qualified to be a bartender. In Australia, you must have this certificate to be allowed to serve alcohol at any joint otherwise you are breaking the law.

Thus, to get an RSA certificate is quite convenient. Nowadays, it is even possible to complete this course online, a private institution, or public college anywhere across the country. During the training, you will be familiarized with the following:

  • Understanding and learning the effects of alcohol on an individual’s health and the society
  • How you can identify a person who to decline to serve alcohol and how to deal with him or her.
  • Having knowledge and understanding of alcohol laws and penalties or consequences enforced by Australian authorities.
  • How to assist a patron if you have been overly affected by the alcohol
  • Helping people drink with laws and regulations enforced by the government
  • Industry news, skills, and regulations.

Skills you learn

You will also get an opportunity to learn a broad range of skills that can make you a great bartender:

Drink knowledge

This is a common skill, which is required in Australia. You will learn how to pour beer. You should note that Australians are quite critical on perfect beer pour as compared to common pour from other parts of the world. You will gain knowledge of cocktails and spirits. You will learn other things while on working.


You should have a great personality that can help evaluate your bartending skills and career. Recent studies have shown that a happy bartender can keep patrons in a great mood. It has been found out that happy patrons can spend a lot of money on beverages and even leave big tips.


gtgwed6fchwe72ju2It is true that a bartending career covers a broad range of tasks from stock control to customer service. It also allows you to work at any particular time of the day. Also, employers can favor a bartender who shows flexibility when working.…


For most people, virtual assistance is quite confusing. For instance, if you have not worked with a virtual assistant in the past, you may not be aware how this works. It is possible you are used to assistants who come to your office on a daily basis, prepare coffee, answer phones, sorts the mail, and makes herself or himself useful in different ways. Thus, if you have got tasks that ought to be completed, you need to take some steps from your office and give them to your assistant.

How to work with a REVA

The process of working with an assistant is similar to working with a virtual assistant.


ytg23erf6w3ed72u83i922Remember that real estate virtual assistants are independent contractors. Thus, they are more of partners as compared to employees. They have a lot of experience and information at their fingertips. Never be afraid to ask any question. Also, be ready to answer his or her questions. You are likely to be surprised by the answers you get.


You should be in touch with your virtual assistant. He or she may ask to contact you through phone once a week. This is a nice way of keeping in touch to ensure you remain informed. The calls ought not to be very long. However, they are great ways of touching the base and advancing the plans for the week. For routine communication, email is the most preferred means of communication. Snail-mail and fax can work in certain instances. No matter how your virtual assistant contacts you, always respond. In this way, you will keep the lines of communication open between you and the virtual assistant.


tg2wed6y2wed7u282i92oThis is quite important in any particular working relationship. If you like your real estate virtual assistant, you should let him or her know. Encouragement can help her go a long way. When you compliment her on whatever she has done for you, you will be helping recognize the value he or she has. Also, this is one of the ways of keeping lines of communication always open. It is your duty to ensure you are on the same page. In any particular working relationship, feedback is very important.

Although these happier to be like common sense, you will realize that incorporating them into your practice, can greatly boost your relationship. Take some time to listen to what your real estate virtual assistant is telling you.…